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Award-Winning Popular Book offering candid information and engaging advice that speaks to every Catholic and everyone curious about Catholicism. Questions that matter, questions that bother you, questions you never asked or never received satisfying answers to. – What did God do before creation? – Who wrote the gospels? – Did Jesus only pretend to be human? – What is the Magisterium? – What is Transubstantiation? -Will dogs be in Heaven? -Why do popes live in Italy? -Is an ex-priest bound by the confessional seal? -Are non-Catholic marriages valid? -Is annulment Catholic divorce? -What is the Church’s position on cremation? -What happens to our souls When We die? -What do we mean by Trinity? -Where does evil come from?- Should we give to panhandlers? – Should I force my teenager to go to Mass? Answers to these and many more… It’s all here: answers about matters of the practice of faith; personal morality; Catholic traditions or interpretation of Scripture. Authoritative, readable, intuitively organized With a clear, Well-defined index.

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Author : Fr John J. Dietzen

Publisher : St Pauls