Prayer: The Key to Salvation

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I received this book as a gift with my True Restoration membership some years ago (early adoption has its benefits!) and I admit that I simply set it aside given I had numerous books in my “To Read Soon” list, and upon first glance it didn’t grab me as a “must-read” book worthy of jumping the queue. Then a friend of mine, who also received this as her gift with her TR membership asked me about the author, and I must make another admission, this time about my ignorance. It didn’t click with me that this was the same author of another excellent book, which has been in my home-library for decades, The Blessed Eucharist: Our Greatest Treasure – but I figured if TR is promoting this book by sending out as a gift, then it must be worthwhile, so I determined to find out about the author and also read the book in question.

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by Father Michael Mueller, C.Ss.R.

Imprimatur: 1867

What a paradigm-shifter! Even for someone as myself, a cradle-Catholic, raised in what would be deemed a pious, traditional-Catholic family, with prayer being an intimate part of our lives for as long as can be remembered, this book radically changed my outlook on prayer!