Shorter Book of Blessing


The Shorter Book of Blessings is a powerful liturgical resource that brings God’s grace and favor into every aspect of life. At Holy Trinity Book Centre, we offer this invaluable book to help you embrace the sacred tradition of invoking blessings for individuals, objects, and special occasions.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive collection of blessings for various circumstances
  • Prayers, rituals, and blessings for homes, vehicles, sacramentals, and more
  • Designed for use by priests, deacons, religious communities, and individuals
  • Infuse your life with the sacredness of God’s blessings
  • Uplift your spirit and invite divine favor into your journey

Shop at Holy Trinity Book Centre and discover the transformative power of the Shorter Book of Blessings. Embrace the sacred tradition of invoking God’s grace and favor, and enrich every moment with divine blessings that uplift and inspire.