The Triumphant Church

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The Triumphant Church’ is an exposition on living life the way God intends. It provides rare insights into walking and living the victorious life. It shows, encourages, builds, strengthens, and urges living life above. The premise of the book is the all important requirement for victorious living which is renewing of the mind – inline with God’s mind, His word. Thinking like He thinks, is the key to seeing as He sees, consequently, living like he planned. The first time I read this book around 1998, I thought to myself, If ever I want to talk or teach any subject in scripture, this is it. This is the syllabus that I need. Reading it again today, that feeling has not changed, this is the good news, victory over all the works of darkness, and Kenneth E. Hagin shows us how. Really, I cannot thank God enough for this book!

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This bestseller is a comprehensive biblical study of the origin and operation of Satan that shows believers how to enforce his defeat in their lives.